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December 2015 Networking Meeting

December 2015 Networking Meeting

What an amazing bunch of women come along regularly to the monthly networking meetings.

Not only is there no joining fee, the organisation is run by volunteers.

Today there was no guest speaker, as we got to spend an extra bit of time each – the choice of topic “Your best success this year, or your favourite Christmas tradition”. So many tears and hugs as lots of ladies realised that they had progressed further than expected in many things. It is so wonderful to share success and progress – whether it is professionally or personally.

Linen land is going along at a quick and interesting pace – so many changes and innovations happening. As I write this I’m busy getting ready for holidays as well as getting organised – I’m off to see Hugh Jackman in his latest show “Broadway to Oz” – oh, be still my beating heart.


Have a very merry Christmas and may 2016 bring you joy and happiness.

See you again in February 2016

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