June and July 2015 – Networking Meetings

Heart Foundation, LCWIB June Meeting

It has been very remiss of me from the past two networking meetings – not writing the Blog – needless to say I have been extremely busy – poor excuse I know. In’t is usually the busy people who get everything done –on time? So many balls in the air at present – it was the blog writing that got dropped.

We have had two every entertaining presentations over the past two month.

In June it was a wonderful volunteer from the National Heart Foundation by the name of Peter Ferreira. Peter spoke on the importance of looking after yourself and the importance of recognising the signs of a heart attack. If you curl your hand up into a fist – that is approximately the size of your heart. It has to work very hard to pump blood around your body, so try to make it as easy as possible for the heart to do this.

There is so much information from the http://www.heartfoundation.org.au/Pages/default.aspx they are world recognised and do so much research and education. We did a whip around, and proceeds from the morning “pot luck” was donated to the Heart Foundation. Thank you Peter.



LCWIB July Meeting

In July we had a wonderful member by the name of Melinda Renner from http://www.smarttech.com.au/ Melinda is a Director and co-owner, along with her husband, Bruce of Smarttech. The topic of the morning was being mobile ready. IN other words do you have a website, then for it to stay relevant in today’s fast paced technological changes your website MUST be mobile ready. Most web searches done are from a mobile device, therefore if your site isn’t able to do this then you will be missing out on traffic to your site. As Melinda is a long term member of this Group, if you need to know any further information or help to do this. Or for any technology needs then – Smarttech is the way to go.

Both June and July’s attendance was smaller than average – it must be the cold.

In July to spice it up a bit, each attendee – along with their 1 minute pitch – they were asked to tells us something about themselves that we perhaps didn’t know. I for example had worked in Hollywood in the 1980’s, but it was Hollywood, Florida, not Hollywood California. There were many different jobs, Australian representatives, secret passions and pastime. This extra bit of sharing made for a interesting and fun morning.


June we were again at the Springwood Tower Hotel Bistro https://www.facebook.com/bistrospringwoodtowers in we headed west to Browns Plains to Outback Jacks https://www.facebook.com/OutbackJacksBrownsPlains


See you all next month – again at Springwood Tower Hotel – 6th August for a 7am start.



As I said earlier in this blog I have been kept very busy partying – and with the July sale in full swing it has been loads of fun. Not only have I got to give away free linen to my hosts, their guests are getting loads of bargains too. So if you would like to grab yourself a bargain you better be quick. Contact me on 0414769794 or via email maureenrobb@gmail.com

Till next time stay warm!



Author: Maureen Robb Facebookgoogleplus