October 2015 Networking Meeting

Jo Devin

It was a beautiful spring morning – Thursday 1st October – a great morning to be out and sharing and connection with all the wonderful women who make up Logan City Women in Business.

What an inspiring session we had with Jo Devin from Positive Learning Skills. Jo talked about “being in the moment” and looking after your own happiness. As it says on Jo’s website http://plslearningsolutions.com.au/ She believes that every man woman and child deserves to live a fulfilled life and her programs are all about empowering people to be able to identify and realise their potential, so they are happier people, who are more focused and effective performers in life. She teaches people the tools and skills to manage challenges, set goals and learn new behaviours to drive success and experience an enhanced quality of life.

PLS Learning Solutions’ programs contain the tools and skills to help you find more success and happiness in your life and are based on the concepts of emotional intelligence, social emotional learning, positive psychology, coaching and linguistics.

Life is a gift, we are meant to enjoy it, embrace it and live it! One of the simple tool Jo shared with us was to put on some music you love – dance to it – this in turn can turn a negative moment into a positive one. By the end of her presentation we were all up and dancing – much fun at breakfast time.

LCWIB Members


Thanks again go to The Bistro at Springwood Tower Hotel – Vanessa and her team looked after us. It is always a pleasure to see their smiling faces https://www.facebook.com/bistrospringwoodtowers



What about me?

I had a great month in September – it was our 29th birthday month and I gave away lots of free throw rugs and lots of towels to qualifying hosts. Host were happy, guests were happy, which in turn made me very happy. It is a slower month in October, my mind has turned from helping people to be comfortable in their homes, to looking after me. I am scheduled to have my left knee replaced on the 26th – so getting myself prepared for surgery. I won’t make the November meeting – I don’t miss them often (they are way too much fun)

However, as always I have a little something to leave you with. Do you own a velour beach towel? Do you know if you put the velour side down on the sand less sand will stick to your towel. Also wipe yourself with the non-velour side of the towel – the loops on that side of the towel are longer and will absorb the water more readily. If you need anything – whilst I am convalescing give me an email and I can put in your order. See you in December

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Till next time, smile and be happy!

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