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5th March Networking Breakfast

Barbara Clifford

It is always very interesting and enjoyable to attend the monthly networking – in fact I look forward to the first Thursday of the month as now I get to catch up with women I consider to be my friends.

I had the privilege of being the MC for the March meeting – I was very apprehensive about taking on this added role for the day – but hey – “in for a penny in for a pound” I survived and it was great to receive positive feedback from a few ladies too. Thank you for that.

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Raps and Referrals June 2014

Raps and Referrals

A popular part of the monthly Breakfast meeting is the Raps and Referrals segment. This is the point where our members give referrals about other member’s services they have used and where a member may give a thank you response for a referral received.

We have received so many referrals and the followings are came through by email to me.  Thank you to members who contributed this month.

Sumiko Eyears, Webmaster of Logan City Women in Business.


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