7th May Networking Breakfast

Janeen Vosper

Thirty lades got up early last Thursday morning – to network and hear the wonderful words of Speech Perfect founder Janeen Vosper.

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2nd April Networking Breakfast

hayley wilson
Today’s event was held at Toscani’s restaurant at Logan Hyperdome. – like their Facebook page and show your support for their business. They look after us and the service is always excellent. So thank you Jullianne and Perminder

Always new ladies are attending the meeting and it is a pleasure to welcome you into the group. For the new ladies it is about connecting and getting to know others who go through the same business highs and lows. We hope you enjoy attending and continue to come along.

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5th March Networking Breakfast

Barbara Clifford

It is always very interesting and enjoyable to attend the monthly networking – in fact I look forward to the first Thursday of the month as now I get to catch up with women I consider to be my friends.

I had the privilege of being the MC for the March meeting – I was very apprehensive about taking on this added role for the day – but hey – “in for a penny in for a pound” I survived and it was great to receive positive feedback from a few ladies too. Thank you for that.

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5th February LCWIB Networking Breakfast

Helen Cowley at LCWIB

What a way to start the new year; almost 50 ladies in attendance, and with six new people. Networking isn’t for everyone but, if you stick with it you will end up making some awesome business connections.


Firstly I would like to thank the Bistro at the Springwood Tower Hotel, they look after us, serve a great breakfast and nothing is ever too much trouble (great for Conferences too I believe)


Our February Guest Speaker

Helen Cowley and

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Merry Christmas from LCWIB

It has been one year since the Logan City Women in Business website was launched. So far, 25 members are listed in member’s profiles and I hope that we can see more wonderful women’s faces here in the coming year.


I’d like to thank Tina who helped me set the site up; Maureen for contributing blog posts, Wendy for editing and Toni for administration.


With our monthly breakfast meeting, thank you to Tina, Tracey and Helen for chairing in 2004; Toni and Maureen for administration; Maureen for the Facebook posts; and Moana for bringing the microphone.


Wising you all the lovely LCWiB ladies a Merry Christmas and have a great New Year.
Author: Sumiko Eyears | Sumico Net Facebookgoogleplus