Raps & Referrals

Raps and Referrals

A popular part of the monthly Breakfast meeting is the Raps and Referrals segment. This is the point where our members give referrals about other member’s services they have used and where a member may give a thank you response for a referral received.

This is my favourite time at the meeting and I wanted to convert this into the blog to add to the website each month so I created a category called Raps and Referrals.
Sumiko Eyears
Webmaster of Logan City Women in Business |Sumico Net

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May Networking Event Highlights

LCWIB Breakfast Meeting in May

1st May – May Day: It was that time of the month again, the networking breakfast meeting for the business women of Logan, where 40 ladies attended with 17 apologies. It is a wonderful, vibrant group and it’s great to see that people from outside of Logan are getting to hear about us and want to join in. One attendee, Julie came all the way from Indooroopilly (a great effort to be at Daisy Hill by 7am).

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April Networking Event Highlights

Wow, what a vibe in the room today.

The gathering was held at the Logan Hyperdome Coffee Club. Must do a big shout out to begin, they were most welcoming and looked after us extremely well.

LCWIB Event - Monthly Breakfast Meeting

The morning as always began with introductions. This happens at every meeting, so if you are thinking of coming along this is what to expect at your first meeting. You will get up and say a bit about yourself and your business, and don’t forget your business cards, or other marketing material that may be useful to someone hearing about your business for the very first time. Also, don’t expect immediate results, it is all about establishing relationships. The business will come soon enough. (It is easy really, although everyone is nervous their very first time. I still get nervous and I have been coming for two years).

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Local Networking is Good Business!

Are you a female and own a small business in Logan City?

Do you feel that you are out there and have no one to connect too?

Then the LCWIB maybe for you!

Networking Women

LCWIB, Logan City Women in Business is a local networking group in Logan City.

The ladies in this group are also small business owners. They mostly work from home and from time to time feel isolated. That is why the monthly meetings have become so popular – no advertising, only through “word of mouth” has this group grown.

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LCWIB Website Updates


We have now 12 members profiles listed and you will see more faces of our members there soon.

>> LCWIB Members page

We have now “Events page” in Logan City Women In Business Website.

In Events page, you can view our monthly events information – date, time, venue, map and agenda.

>> LCWIB Events Page

Sumiko Eyears
Webmaster of Logan City Women in Business |Sumico Net